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Zino Davidoff

Zino Davidoff founded the luxury tobacco company in 1967. Back the company was just producing the luxury tobacco products, such as cogas, cigarettes and pipe tobacco. Later the company became to produce luxury accessories and perfumes for men. One of the famous Davidoff's fragrances is Zino Davidoff Cologne. It was launched in 1986. The fragrance is being considered as a oriental, luxurious and woody. Now the company has launched more than 10 fragrances for men.

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Zino Davidoff, Provider of Excellence

The entire industry of cosmetics has suffered a major change when Zino Davidoff launched his first perfume on the market. With perfumes able to impress everyone through their innovativeness and modern notes contained, Zino Davidoff has found a new way to touch the heart of the customers enriching his own products with elements never thought of before. The entire line of creations released on the market by this company has been on the verge to establish new records of sales as every product has been sold in very large quantities.

A nice cologne worth to be talked about is Cool Water by Zino Davidoff. With a blend of jasmine, sandalwood, lavender, and moss musk, this cool perfume has the one thing that everyone wants so much: it features seductiveness. Attractive for everyone, it has been designed to determine you to get closer in order to feel it better. Cool Water Game is another perfume released for sale by Zino Davidoff. This fragrance features a scent based on low notes of water lily combined with middle notes of freesia. The very fresh feeling it provides is due to its slight content of lemon scent. Launched on the market with a specific strategy, this absolutely impressive fragrance has a scent that impresses from the very first moment.

Delivering the best, these products have been found to offer the highest quality experience on the market. Some might wonder why they sell for such a low price as they do offer so much in return. The perpetual strategy followed in this matter and not only by Zino Davidoff is the expression of the belief that everyone deserves a chance to experience what is best in life.

With very affordable prices, these products can be found to illuminate the shelves of any department store, with a strong presence among other cosmetics they are easy noticeable by anyone. With a strong reputation and a name build on quality and performance, Zino Davidoff can proudly hold head high and move forward to enrich our lives with more amazing, undisputable, quality proof products.