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The design house of Worth was founded in 1932. The company is located in Paris, France. The most famous fragrance is Je Reviens and it was introduced in 1935. The fragrance has a luxurious floral scent that contains a mixture of greens, lemon, orange flower, rose, violet and musk. It is recommended for romantic occasions.

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Worth, the Place to Find Joy

Among the current producers on the market, in the industry of cosmetics we may find some brands older than we might expect. Worth is a very good example of such a special brand, starting the activity almost one century ago. With a few perfumes released on the market, Worth has proved from the first moment that is able to create original products of high quality. Some of the perfumes are known widely due to their flowery aromas.

One of the best products ever created by Worth since the first products were launched on the market and which was received very well by the customers is Je Reviens. Featuring a base of musk and violet combined with lemon, rose, and orange flower, this perfume has been much admired by all those who felt it in every possible way. With the ability to turn heads, this fragrance has been sold very fast from the moment it was first advertised on the international market. With a simulative scent, seductive and remarkable, your feelings are enhanced at once, with strong consequences. Inducing the feeling of special beauty, life feels way better, determining you to feel more enchanted, with more reasons to try to fulfill your dreams. Borrowing some of Je Reviens's shine, you can improve your looks with success and enjoy the benefits to follow. Due to this reason the perpetual need for care of your own body, the way it looks and the way it shapes and the healthy behavior experienced, are the means on which these sublime products are conceived and created.

Specially designed bottles and boxes are the few things that keep the preferences for these sublime products where they currently are. Contained in incredibly well-designed bottles, delivered in unmistakable packaging, these cosmetics are some of the best creations the market has ever seen.

With a very nice aspect, along with respectable prices allowing them to be accessible to the entire range of buyers, these products have had such an impact on the market from the moment of their release that is reminded by many to the day of today.