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Waterford means "windy fjord" from Irish language. The company is located in a town in the South-East Region of Ireland. The company was established in 1968 and the founder of the company is Kloe Walts. Kloe always had passion for perfumes an he decided to open his own perfume company. Now the company has more than 7 fragrances in its collection. The latest launch was in 1998.

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Fine Products from Waterford

This brand bears more than finesse in the texture of its products; actually, it's the very dialogue between the cold nature of the Irish winds and the soft touch of Mediterranean accents that renders the identity and the personality of these perfumes. If you happen to stumble upon this incredibly feminine brand, don't hesitate to give it a try and to find out more by purchasing a few items and wearing them on a regular basis. Waterford stands for extremes, but it also manages to redefine the structural elements behind each and every ingredient used in their elaborate formulas.

Waterford Lismore by Waterford is a very cohesive fragrance from a syntactical point of view, a fact that is well known by connoisseurs from around the world. Freesia and lotus are set against lovely traces of Sambac jasmine, and deep notes of musk, thus creating a bouquet that embraces you for the entire day, giving you the confidence you need and the elegance you've always dreamed of. Incisive and tender at the same time, this game of extremes is indeed very effective, as it manages to attract men in every conceivable situation. However, if you are wise enough as to accessorize it with the right outfit, the effects are guaranteed.

Pearl white is the key element that defines the core identity of Waterford Lismore; sensual in nature, it is enhanced even more by light silver insertions visible both in the contours of the box and in the texture of fonts. Similar hues of silver are to be found in the finishing of the cap, which makes any conceivable color palette fade in front of it. In addition, the spherical volume of the bottle, and the transparent appetence of the glass render the idea of a classic item that is suitable for both young and sophisticated women. Carefully inserted with delicate incrustations, this glass is a jewel in itself and should be displayed anywhere in your home.

If you want to buy Waterford Lismore online, you should be aware of the fact that these items are cheaper when ordered on the web than they are when bough in local stores.