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Visconti Di Modrone

Visconti Di Modrone he was an Italian opera, theater and cinema director. He is also a screenwriter and play-writer. He received a nomination for an Academy Award, for "Best Screenplay" for “The Damned” in 1969. Later on he launched a series of fancy accessories for women and series of fragrances for men and women, that can fit in any occasions.

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Nobility at Its Peak: Visconti Di Modrone

In the quest for elaborate, aristocratic perfumes, one should always dedicate a few minutes to this divine brand from Italy. With more than half a century of history and experience behind, Visconti Di Modrone has established itself as one of the solar brands in Italy especially, and Europe in general. Minimalistic architectures and syntactically beautiful finishes have always marked the identity of this particular name and of its creations in the last decades. As years passed and customers tastes and expectancies grew to a completely different level, few brands manages to adapt and to find the right formula as to adequately present new fragrances for the newer generations; Visconti di Modrone is one of them.

Acqua De Selva by Visconti di Modrone will teach you about authority, freedom, and authenticity with its very distinctive bouquet consisting of basil, rosemary, lavender, bergamot, clary sage, cedar, musk vetiver, and carnation. Light and aromatic, yet featuring a particularly fresh blending of green attributes, this perfume has definitely been created for connoisseurs. The syntax behind its formula has been enhanced in such a manner as to remove any preconception about the topic and to dismantle at the same time silly ideals that we're dealing with a casual brand; this is by no means the case, because each and every ingredient used in the manufacturing process has an identity of its own and a strong personality.

There is a subtle dialogue between the box of this perfume and the bottle. On the one hand, the pattern on the front side of the box suggests tradition and classic notes related to notions like structure and basic design, whereas on the other hand the transparency of the bottle make light clearer that it has ever been. In addition, take a close look at the smart finishing of the pack, which is not too soft as to slip out of your hand, nor too rigged as to render an unpleasant sensation.

Buy Viconto di Modrone products on a regular basis from online stores and indulge yourself in daily wearing them to impress your family and your friends.