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Vicky Tiel

Vicky Tiel is famous haute couturier, that is a powerful and talented women. Vicky Tiel's was pioneer in designing the mini-skirts. Vicky Tiel is famous for her unique and exquisite designs. The fabrics of her clothes are precious, the draping are sensual. Vicky Tiel began designing clothes for more than forty years ago in Paris. She opened boutiques all over the Europe. She lunched series of fragrances and cosmetics. She dedicated her mini-boutiques to Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman.

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Vicky Tiel

Fashion designer Vicky Tiel is famous for her gathered dress, miniskirts, for dressing up Elizabeth Taylor, for designing costumes for Woody Allen's first movie, for the Liza caftan, and for the strapless dress worn by Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman; her signature perfumes launched under the parent company Five Star Fragrances, are available in Perfumania.

We recommend that you try some of these fine fragrances and decide what suits you best:

  • Sirène for her-a romantic formula that almost immediately takes on a very discernible floral facet with jasmine, rose, geranium, violet, and peony notes, along with the orange, vanilla, and ylang ylang inherent in the tender pack of aromas, and a deep feel of musk and woods; this is a seductive aroma, meant to intoxicate the mind just like the Sirens' song made Ulysses incapable of rational thought; you can match this perfume spray with the Sirène body cream for a longer lasting effect;
  • Ulysse for him-the perfume of an incredible journey featuring a fougère inauguration with with generous quantities of neroli, yuzu, mandarin and line blossom; as the odyssey continues, the nutmeg, carnation, clover, lavender, hawthorn, and woods begin to take the place of the passionate commence of this fragrance, only to reach a distant destination and settle into a benzoin, vanilla, musk, moss, and patchouli base; this is a narrative fragrance, featuring an intricate development; chose to wear the entire Ulysse set: eau de cologne, deodorant stick, shower gel, after shave, and after shave balm, to make the journey go on.

The Sirène bottle has been reiterated with slight modifications into other perfume bottles by Vicky Tiel, such a Venus De l'Amour; almost all packaging solutions by Vicky Tiel inform on her passion for the Antiquity and the Renaissance; Vicky Tiel has turned well-known bas-reliefs, caryatids, and statues into perfume posses.

The price for such treasures is often expected to go beyond affordable, but you need not worry: the price-quality ratio is excellent for these fragrances. Feel free to browse through, choose whatever appeals to you, and place your order; we take pride in our fast delivery services, so you will enjoy the fragrances you have bought in no time.