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Vertigo company was founded in 1985. The company offers clothes for men and women, lines of perfumes and cosmetics. The company is based in California. In the beginning the brand was mainly sold at Neiman Marcus Stores in America. Now the brand is available at Macys, Walmart and other stores. The company produces light scented perfumes for men and women.

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Vertigo, Something to Remember

The entire process of obtaining a new fragrance has been evolving ever since the beginnings of this industry. However, once Vertigo got onto the market, it seems that a real jump in development has been registered. With a wide range of products, this company has managed to deliver some of the best encountered products with the best qualities money can buy. Some of the perfumes are truly incredibly nice as sublime does not fit anymore the right description. The amount of feeling enhanced by these majestic perfumes is beyond any expectations. Exquisite qualities embedded in this perfume make out of this scent one of the best fragrances the humanity has ever encountered.

Perfumes destined to men and women have always been discussed as a must for each and every one of us; with a strong power of creation, with an independent spirit and with brightly new ideas, this producer has released an entire line of perfumes very well received by the market, with good and excellent reviews. Vertigo by Vertigo is a fragrance destined to women's usage, with the recommendation for a daytime wear. Featuring a scent based on middle notes of Californian lemon, orange, jasmine, tuberose, and ylang-ylang, this fragrance has been known as a new idea marketer as it has been conceived starting from a true innovative idea. As always, better products are better rated by the buyers, and this perfume has received a large number of positive feedbacks.

Designed very nicely, these products come in stores in rounded bottles, featuring some lines of design that can drive one competitor crazy, would they have to bring a package able to match the ones featured by Vertigo's products.

These perfumes are undoubtedly luxurious, as they do have quite a large number of qualities. However, such criteria are not the ones used by the producer when pricing was done. Releasing its products at more accessible prices than ever expected, Vertigo has enabled the shoppers to buy these products in all stores or even better, online, where they can get the benefit of enlarged discounts at times.