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Vapro International

Vapro International is an worldwide wholes sellers and retail company, that sell menswear and womens wear. Vapro International was founded in 1968 and it is located in New York. The company has more 40 stores all over the world. In 1975 the perfumes lines was introduced. Later on the company started to develop cosmetic products for women.

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Vapro International, Set Yourself Free

The industry of cosmetics has been shattered when Vapro International has announced its entrance on the market with an entire line of perfumes. Expanding from one industry to another, it has enhanced the popularity of this brand along with the success registered by this producer. Releasing on the market an entire new line of fragrances, this producer had a very forceful entrance on this market as usually this happens in time. Most of the fragrances have been astonishingly well received by the shoppers as few of them registered quite an impact on the mere consumer's behavior.

Bellagio is a very nice fragrance conceived and created by Vapro International. It is a luxurious flowery fragrance featuring notes of rose, jasmine, ylang-ylang, lily of the valley, musk, and sandalwood. Representing this brand very well, this perfume has met the requirements of the shoppers, sales registering a jump from the moment the new line of perfumes has been released. Gladly to have come over such a great fragrance, we can assure you about its effectiveness as it does provide you with the most original experience. With a high impact on the market this perfume was the first in a line of perfumes to have featured a certain combination of elements in measure to determine a more romantic and seductive feeling. Specially conceived to release stress and to provide people with the best experience, these fragrances have embedded a technology that is worthy of praise. With the merit of offering on the market products good enough as to meet the requirements of the demand of the customers, this producer can be proud of its achievements.

The design is exquisite, bottles, tubes and cans featuring such forms and models that you can be nothing less but enchanted every time you lay your eyes on them. Some of these superb products come in sets that ease the work for you, providing you with more products at once, each one designed for a specific purpose.

These cosmetics are sold in retail stores, all over the world. Also they are found for sale online, at way lower prices, the customer having the benefit of cheaper prices when purchasing sets or larger quantities.