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For over 4 decades Valentino Garavani, goes by a simple name Valentino. This name was one of the most legendary names in fashion, designing some of the world's most elegant evening wear. Valentino has his company for more than 15 years. In 1960, he was ready to establish himself as a designer in his own right and started his first collection of dresses and salon on the Via Condotti in Rome, Italy. He has an immediate success, impressing in particular such celebrity like Elizabeth Taylor, who was filming in Italy at the time and has remained a fan forever. His success is very simple, he was designing dresses that were expressing women's sexuality and femininity.

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Valentino, Memories of Love

Better products have been characterized the entire step the industry of cosmetic has taken recently. With a greater power of suggestion, the progress registered in certain fields of activity has enabled the house of Valentino to emerge on the market with much better products, releases being at all time cheerfully welcomed. With a very large number of products not only in the industry of cosmetics, this producer has had a long history of activity, with a large number of concepts conceived for specific purposes.

Products like Valentino Rock n Rose, do make us give Valentino the deserved credit. This perfume features a young scent based on low notes of musk, black currant, bergamot, and middle notes of rose, vanilla, and heliotrope. With a high impact on your expressivity and your image altogether, this scent has come to determine you to embrace everything that is new in life, to enhance the joyful feelings one must experience. With such a precious fragrance in its portfolio, Valentino can be proud of the work it did. Valentino Gold is a perfume destined to women; with a very expressive aroma, this perfume can determine you to perceive feelings more accurately than usual. Based on a blend of mandarin, water lily, lime, cranberry, and blue iris, this scent has more than enough to amaze you. Very Valentino by Valentino is another perfume destined to women and it is classified as an oriental flowery fragrance. Recommended for day and evening wear, this perfume features notes of sandalwood and vanilla as amber and musk come to complete the picture. Delivering an original experience, this perfume has been very praised for its fresh scent.

With a design worthy of any competitor's envy, these products feature quite a nice packaging, with lines and colors able to please even the pickiest of the people.

These products are very well advertized online, featuring various prices, allowing all types of buyers to access them. Once a new shopper got the hands on one of these goodies, you can very well expect him to come back, especially if you think at the very large discounts this producer allows for these sublime perfumes.