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Usher Raymond is an American R&B icon and pop star. He had achieved huge success and became popular with his fifth album, called Confession. This album was represented in 2004, and it has sold so far in 11 million of copies world wide. It is still keep selling in a million of copies each month. The collaboration with Alicia Keys has brought an amazing song “My Boo”, that has become a national and world-wide hit. Now, in 2007, he has started two perfumes - Usher She and Usher He. Designer Usher has more than 5 perfumes in his fragrance collection. The earliest edition was launched in 2007 and the latest one was in 2009. Usher perfumes were made in cooperation with perfumers Honorine Blanc and Richard Herpin.

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Pop Culture at Its Best with Usher Perfumes

It is extremely difficult to mark the boundaries between traditional fragrances and perfumes featuring the pop culture, as the latter tend to be somehow eclectic in nature and to borrow many classic elements right in the core of them. Usher is in this context particularly interesting because it has the power and the dedication of a traditional brand, but it features products that are more immersed in contemporary values. As such, you should be able to find superb solutions for you to wear on a daily basis, because this brand is nothing short to versatility itself.

Most of the products advertised by usher display a style related to urban elegance and, at the same time, a very peculiar set of elaborated aromas. Leaving the thematic area aside, these are perfumes suitable for any man or woman out there provided that he or she knows how to accessorize them with the right outfit. Here's what we're talking about here:

  • Usher He - Very intense notes of violet and lavender embrace the heart of sandalwood, amber, and musk. Destined to people who like to stay in fashion by means of classic ingredients, this perfume is renowned worldwide for its spectacular blend of aromas.
  • Usher UR - Dedicated to elegant men, this one will teach you about the values of guaiac wood, Artemisia, bay leaf, and nutmeg; use it regularly for guaranteed effects.
  • Usher UR for her - Best when accessorized with colorful outfits, this is a fresh aroma based on elements like pink peony, musk, and white freesia.
  • Usher She - Frangipani is definitely a key element here, while red currant, incense, and vanilla form the core of this rather sensual aroma.
  • Usher VIP - Perfect for businessmen, this one uses musk, vetiver, sandalwood, and kumquats to better define your personality.

The design of this pop collection is rather classic and traditional, with quality materials used as highlights and definite contours and lines for bottles and boxes. Remark the intuitive color schemes and the beautiful fonts created for each and every product.

The prices of Usher perfumes are great when you consider buying them online, so don't hesitate and get in the fashion with this urban and very trendy brand.