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United Colors of Benetton

In 1965-66, a distinctive logo based on a stylized knitting stitch was added to the Benetton name, which in the meantime had become a trademark. In 1991, a series of global advertising campaigns introduced the idea of United Colors, which led to the creation of a new brand and logo featuring centralized text. In 1996, in a final, purely aesthetic change, architect Massimo Vignelli moved the text to the upper left-hand corner of Benetton's green box. The logo stayed the same, but its position was rationalized. Today, United Colors of Benetton also includes children's collections, which took on a separate brand identity back in 1971, initially under the name 012 Benetton.

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United Colors of Benetton - The Way to Success

This brand has about 50 years of experience and history behind and, as such, it is dedicated to create quality solutions for your daily life, irrespective of your location, style, or personal preferences. When you shop for products from United Colors of Benetton, keep in mind that the offer is diverse and that there may be very big differences from one product to another. Due to this fact, you need to be very careful when you make your choice just to be sure you pick something you really like. The easiest way to do that is to determine the aroma based on the olfactory pyramid associated to each and every perfume in particular. This way, you can't go wrong and you can be sure that even if you try something completely new, it will be something you'll fall in love with.

Here are a few examples of perfumes advertised under this name. Keep in mind the particular combination of ingredients and the way bouquets shift from incisiveness to sweetness and from dark effects to fresh traces:

  • Benetton Giallo - destined to young women, this perfume features mint, anise seeds, red berries, and lotus, set against a heart created of peach, tonka bean, and vanilla. This dialogue of extremes is specific to UCB and it is generally a sign that you're dealing with a very complex aroma.
  • Benetton Rosso - light, yet mysterious, this feminine fragrance uses traces of passion fruit and peony to make you fall in love with it.
  • B. United Jeans - perfect for businesswomen, this bouquet has a heart of sandalwood and amber, and top notes of vine peach, cyclamen, and mandarin.
  • Benetton Sport - An excellent solution for him, irrespective of location and style. Note the meaning of lavender, citrus, and sweet spices in this creative and compelling formula.

The design of these products revolves around the idea of transparency and joy. Various accents of colors are set against transparent, crystal-clear glass bottles only to dismantle the idea that this brand creates casual perfumes.

Buy UCB products online and you won't regret, given the exceptional prices you will find on the web and the superb aromas of these unique fragrances.