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Emmanuel Ungaro is a fashion designer from France. His father , a tailor who fled Italy during Fascist rule, gave his son his first sewing machine. In 1955, the 22-year-old Ungaro moved to Paris to work for Cristobal Balenciaga. After a short stint with house Courrèges, Ungaro opened his own fashion house in Paris, in 1965. Ungaro fashions are noted for being elegant and sexy, skillfully draped and often featuring vivid colors and patterns. The women's line sold well and Ungaro added a menswear line in 1973.

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A Man that Changed the Way Trends Evolve - Ungaro

Emmanuel Ungaro has made a name in the area of fashion design where it still is one of the most influential European figures; the fragrances and perfumes advertised under this symbol are thus extremely elegant and very powerful and influential themselves. If you stumble upon such products don't hesitate and try them just to get a clear understanding of the way a fabulous bouquet should look like. Encompassing many values and a very complex set of ingredients, these perfumes are especially created for connoisseurs, even though the mere consumer is equally interested in them. From casual, light solutions for businesswomen to extremely deep aromas destined to men who want to exude mystery and secrecy at a private party, there are is no real end to the offer advertised by Ungaro.

Here are a few items that will draw attention of the general public to this superb brand; remark the creativity of the formulas and the intuition visible behind each and every perfume in particular:

  • Apparition - This sweet and fruity aroma is dedicated to women in their prime. Remark the subtle insertion of sweet spices and the floral effects of this tremendously popular fragrance.
  • Apparition Facets - Based on citrus and patchouli, this bouquet is much more intense and incisive than the previous one. Fresh and joyful, it is destined to young women and teenagers at the same time.
  • Apparition Pink - Perfect for girls and teenagers who like to surround themselves with a touch of rose and traces of sweet woods and spices.
  • Diva Rose - This is a special mixture destined to elegant women; remark the smart combination of floral accents and musk.
  • Ungaro Pour L'Homme - Eclectic and complicated, this product will freshen up your spirit and your good looks.

Strange and intriguing, the perfumes advertised by Ungaro are extremely elegant when it comes to design. Various lines and colors intertwine here in order to create a spectacular effect, whichever the product may be.

Buy Ungaro perfumes on a regular basis from local stores and take advantage of offers related to repeat customers. It's the simplest and fastest solution to get access to cheap products from this brand.