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The Trussardi company was established in 1998. He is a fashion designer, who is well-known for his elegant and simple style. He designs clothes for both men and women. His concepts is simplicity and elegance. The company has expended its industry and started to manufactures city bikes, pet accessories, fragrances, eye-wear and candles. In 2000 Trussardi launched the lines of perfumes for men and women.

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Trussardi - A Remarkable Name from Italy

Not particularly well known in the USA, Canada, and Australia, this brand is a true reference in Europe as it is often related to the authentic Italian spirit and to the way this spirit influences contemporary trends with regard to perfumes and fragrances. Most of the items advertised by this brand from one year to another display a particular bouquet that is easily identifiable as Trussardi as they contain three different types of ingredients: traditional elements, exotic traces, and, last but not least, special attractions. Such rare combinations of beautifully crafted perfumes are here to last and are living proof of the fact that European houses of perfumery are still in the leading position at an international level. Try Trussardi fragrances for yourself and immerse yourself in the true spirit of European aromas.

Below you will find described two spectacular highlights from Trussardi; take note that these are not the only items created in this line and, at the same time, not the only products that ask for your attention:

  • Python - Brings back into fashion the original nature of European perfumes focused on delivering both the traditional manner of European perfumery and exotic elements (brought especially from Asia). It is destined to men who want to make a different in society and to assert themselves as strong and dedicated personalities.
  • Trussardi by Trussardi - Using bergamot, coriander, and jasmine as top notes, this perfume will surround even the most skeptical woman out there. Sweet and discreet, it will make you feel powerful and feminine at the same time and it will render a particular air of sophistication and style around you.

Syntactically diverse, Trussardi solutions with regard to design are incredibly effective, be it in a local store or online; most of the products create elegance just by the way of the contours, while the materials used are equally intriguing and fascinating.

If you order such items over the web, you'll get the benefit of paying less for more and of enjoying them in no time, as shipping is fast today and very convenient for you.