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TOUS company has created an original style and designs of jewelry since 1920. The company designs the clothes for different occasion, that a person might have in their life. The company also has launched the series of jewelry, purses and handbags, watches, fragrances, eye-wear, textiles, leather, footwear and a special furniture collection for home.

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Illustrious Perfumes from France with Tous

Tous is a brand that has gained a particular relevance in the fragrance industry in France. The Continental style featured by this brand, together with the seraphic looks of each and every product in particular create a special effect that one can easily identify as the true identity of Tous. Whichever the context may be and whichever the item you may choose, Tous fragrances impress even the fuzziest ones and render a warm and welcoming atmosphere that is there to last. Subtle without implying arrogance, these perfumes are obviously the right choice if you're into fragrances created for dialogue as channels of communication. At the same time, the impeccable transparence of some of these bottles will amaze you in ways you haven't thought possible before.

Below you will find a few aromas described in detail. Take into account that this list is restrictive, and that you need to read more if you want to buy a specific combination of ingredients or something of a sort:

  • Tous H2O is precisely at the intersection between a drop of water and a diamond. The soft texture of this perfume featuring amalfi lemon and lavender will make you feel comfortable and will add a particular sense of legerity to your daily life.
  • Tous Gold is a feminine fragrance with extremely deep notes and a very complex base to offer you the sophistication and superiority of contemporary perfumes.
  • Tous in Heven is complex and versatile at the same time. Destined to elegant men, this aromatic blend of spices, violets, paprika, pineapple, and patchouli creates the very basis of an intuitive fragrance you won't soon forget.
  • Tous Touch is a gourmand perfume intended for those with a keen interest in raspberry, vanilla, and almonds.

The design of this brand is unmatched by anything we've ever seen before. Structurally, we're dealing with a symphony of shapes (the cap of Tous Touch, the elegant bottle of H2O, the enamel-like box of Gold) and a very intense sensation of floating, due to the Tous Man line, which render such spectacularly transparent types of glass that you're one step away from considering them absent.

Buy Tous regularly from online stores and the benefits will be obvious due to fast shipping, reduced total costs, and possible discounts and coupons.