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Tosca has launched their first fragrance for women in 1998. Tosca attracts attention with its sensual and feminine scent. It contains the ingredients of bergamot, lemon, orange, aldehydes and neroli with a top notes of blossoming jasmine, rose, lily of the valley, tulips and daffodil. This fragrance is recommended for evening wear. The company has developed more than 5 fragrances.

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Tosca, a True Friend

Just a few brands in this industry of cosmetics have managed to bring their name in the vicinity of the concept of royalty. Tosca is a highly appreciated brand, which can be considered as royal while the quality of its products seats it into that category. Repeatedly, this great company has been remarked for its achievements. Many years in a row, these products have been some of the most praised bestsellers as they display such a luxurious look sustained by a very seductive aroma. Many competitors did develop a follower's attitude as these products were selling like crazy.

Tosca by Tosca is a sublime fragrance released by the company a while ago; designed for women, this perfume attracts attention in the moment it touches the air. This fragrance is highly seductive, laying its base on a combination of middle notes of labdanum, patchouli, vanilla and jasmine, combined with low notes of rose, lily-of-the-valley and ylang-ylang. Strongly touching and with a very nice feeling, this fragrance does the best possible job when used in the proper way. Easy to recognize by its specific scent, this perfume features an aroma based on a highly ingenuous formula. Not too many competitive products can report such an achievement as such mysterious qualities are truly hard to find. Joyful, yet with a few hues of classicism, this fragrance has the power to influence your day-by-day life, changing it for the better. This fragrance is recommended for evening wear at special occasions. Ready to fulfill your expectations, these fragrances will impress those around you and will make you feel more wanted and attractive among your friends.

Sold in exquisite packaging, these perfumes are called royal especially for the luxurious design they feature. It is hard to pass without noticing these sublime products on the shelves. The lines and shapes of the bottles are original and they do enhance the feelings of the customers when they study these products.

In retail stores customers can purchase these superb products in the cosmetic's department while online they can be found, virtually, anywhere. With cheap prices, these products have conquered the market delivering a lot for just a little.