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Tonino Lamborghini

He is the son of Ferruccio Lamborghini and he was born on April 28 in 1916. He was an industrialist from Italy. His company offers series of make up, skincare and haircare products and fragrances that are perfect for different events.

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Tonino Lamborghini - The Art of Accessories Put into Perfumes

This wonderful Italian designer has managed to impress fashion industry by a fabulous combination of three distinctive elements: Continental design (especially visible in his watches and belts), futuristic and sporty manners (obvious in his golf collections), and traditional elements (USB pen drives and roller pens). This particular set of styles and inclinations has passed in the style of the perfume advertised under this name. The overwhelming cultural information is thus irresistible and suggests that we're dealing with a very important perfume that is best suitable for exceptional persons who know how to make the difference between and impeccable perfume and a casual one.

Titanium by Tonino Lamborghini is a fragrance destined to him, to his power and his intelligent nature. It is versatile in style and sententious at the same time. It brings a set of interesting notes; however, what makes it truly remarkable is not a particular set of aromas, but the bouquet as a whole and the story it tells from one hour to another. Imagine lavender and citrus combined with a very distinctive blend of spices; now imagine that the final result is like nothing you've ever experienced before, as if this aroma was destined to exude mystery and secrecy. At the same time, if we were to state how these notes are, we would consider them masculine and versatile, free and incredibly open.

The design of this perfume revolved around the idea of verticality. Few items are equally powerful and subtle as the lines rendered by this Italian perfume: similar to a Greek column, the can features a splendid contrast of metallic gray background and embossed silvery fonts and one special addition in the form of the well-known Lamborghini logo. The bottle is much more discreet in nature, but preserves the same elements and a fabulous translucent texture of the glass.

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