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Toni & Guy

Brother Guy and Toni Mascolo were the co-founders of the first company “ TONI&GUY”. First salon was opened in 1963 in Clapham, London. Later two brothers Bruno and Anthony joined the company. By the 1990's the company had expanded from a single salon to over a hundred in over countries world-wide. Motivated by their philosophy of pushing the linits of hairdressing and delivering quality, creativity and consistency to every client, Toni and Guy Mascolo were one of the first to start the franchising boom, with the first franchised salon, that was opened in Brighton in 1988.

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Toni & Guy, a New Way to Care for Your Hair

Larger companies in this industry have been developing newer and more complex formulas in order to be able to deliver maximum of efficiency and comfort. Toni & Guy has a long history in this direction, with a wide range of products conceived to be useful and to offer care for the hair. The progressive number of products released has been increasingly enriched by the new multitude of qualities the products have progressively embedded. Complex qualities along with the importance given to the aspect these days, have determined a higher volume of products to be sold, as demand for such solutions has permanently increased.

Label. m Daily Shine Conditioner is a product conceived to supply care for your hair. With a complex formula created to protect, regenerate, and reconstruct the hair, this conditioner combats flyaway hair, controls the static and delivers a smooth and shiny hair. Conditioning and cleaning the hair, this product has been very well received by the shoppers from the day it was released. Label.m Glueis a product formulated to create edgier looks that demand a strong hold of the hair. This complex formula fights against heat styling and UV with high performance and quality results. Label.m Gentle Cleansing Shampoo features a professional formula with soy and proteins, meant to clean and moisture the hair. With a complex and suave scent, containing vanilla and sweet pea, this shampoo delivers cleaner and smoother hair.

Packed carefully, these products feature a nice design along with a very pleasant color palette. Sold in various types of stores, as well as online, these solutions have had a significant ascension in the preferences of people. Regardless the number of times someone tried these products, they always came back for more. New products have proved to be very interesting for the previous customers with a direct effect over the volume of the sales.

Luxurious but not expensive, cheap but flawless, these sublime products have reached all they have been meant for. With such a performance, we are right to appreciate Tony & Guy as a true image of excellence.