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TIGI is one of the main leading companies in the hair care industry, whose funky and innovative products were surprising its customers again and again. The names of the products and the packaging are really funky too. TIGI has products for all types of occasions, whether it is a red-carpet occasion or a prom party. Hair sprays, gels, mousses will help you to look your best anywhere.

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Cosmetics by TIGI

Cosmetics have been very well received by the market ever since they have constituted a separate, differentiated category of products. From as long as we can study, the interest for beauty together with the interest for health has been of high importance for everyone. In time, developing and identifying new ways to achieve expected performances have lead the company to produce a larger number of products, increasing the range of existing cosmetics on the market. Improvements have been the key to the success TIGI has obtained in this sector.

Products meant to help the hair grow healthier and in a more desirable manner, do constitute a few of the main directions TIGI has been following lately. Catwalk Curl Collection Curlesque Defining Shampoo is a very nice product designed to bring a better care for your hair. Conceived to help maintain the health of the hair and to deliver beautiful, bouncy curls this shampoo does feature cucumber as the main ingredient. With a high impact over the general health of the hair, these products act on the cuticles of the hair delivering a great shiny hair. Bed Head Foxy Curls Conditioner is a solution that provides humidity resistance and static control; it does smoothen the hair and it also conditions the hair, conferring protection against UV and thermal agents; it also helps maintaining the color and provides the hair with moisture, leaving the scalp healthier, with a better aspect. Bed Head Hard To Get Texture Paste is a solution for the fly-away hair, holding the hair in its place better than one would expect; usable on dry hair, this nice paste has been so well sold that at times stocks have been completely depleted.

The TIGI packaging solutions feature bright colors and a very youthful look; shapes may vary greatly, while all sprays, bottles, and cans have a sleek, glossy aspect.

With designs worthy of any competitor's envy, this entire line of cosmetics has gained a reputation that is hard to compete with. Sold at very low prices for the sum of quality they deliver these products have determined an unpredictable ascension of the sales. Sales online are just a few good reasons to justify the expansion TIGI has known recently, releasing an even wider range of products, with more satisfactions for the customers.