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Thierry Mugler

Thierry Muglers company has transformed to a multi-millionaire perfume company, that has become a leader in the industry. He is a French designer, that became to design clothes since he was 15. His first haute couture collection was presented in 1980. It had a great success and after that he became well-known in France and later on all over the world. He launched a series of perfumes, that became the best-sellers since 2001.

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Thierry Mugler - the Future Today

The highly praised fragrances people treasure so much these days have been always on the verge of new discoveries, perpetual efforts put into developing new essences being present more acutely in the latter years. Sublime creations, these perfumes are the result of a long process, process which involved innovation, support and artistic ideas. Most of the Thierry Mugler's ideas have been translated into concept found these days on the market. The benefits delivered by these excellent perfumes are enhanced by the way these products have been received by the market.

Most of the shoppers which had a previous experience with a Thierry Mugler product did come back to purchase another one or to try a new one. Every new release has been advertised as a major event and in each case it really proved to be as expected. Alien, for example, is a stunning perfume which features an aroma that no one can resist to. Based on an essence of Indian jasmine, this fragrance does carry a low note of white amber, musk and vanilla. Angel is a perfume with an oriental flavor, well based on a vanilla essence with a trace of fruits such as peaches and plums; it has been designed to deliver freshness and is wearable at day or night, as preferred.

The futuristic design of the bottles along with the distinctive colors and textures of the perfumes have had a positive influence over the preferences and volume of sales. Sold online, beside the regular sales in retail stores, these perfumes come packed in wonderful wrappers featuring special designs of the boxes. Sales have increased in the last period of time and more customers have declared themselves happy with the results obtained using these subtle fragrances.

Delivering products of unmatched quality, Thierry Mugler has been one of the most productive creators of fragrances among all producers in this industry, with one of the largest volume of sales in this field, has managed to gain a large margin of the market by mastering a strategy that brought the company to the point where its brand is worldwide recognized.