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Ted Lapidus

Edmond "Ted" Lapidus is a fashion designer from France. Lapidus is being considered as the first designer pioneer of the unisex fashion clothes. He was also first designer, who brought a safari and military look into haute couture. He designed first military jackets for men and women with shoulder straps. He also made blue jeans as a part of the mainstream of fashion design. In the early 1970s he launched fashion accessories line and he brought it to the level of haute couture market. In 1989 Ted Lapidus's son Oliver Lapidus became the owner of the company and switched the company focus from clothes to fashion accessories and fragrances.

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Reward yourself with Ted Lapidus

Sublime and subtle are the two main things that characterize the entire line of fragrances from Ted Lapidus. With a perpetual concern for products of a greater quality, this company has produced in time better products of reputable efficiency. With a large number of innate skills, these perfumes have been known for quite a while to be able to deliver a multitude of desired effects. Guaranteed success along with a more pleasant feeling of being fulfilled has been generating more creative ideas with direct results over the number of products launched on the market with a higher impact over consumer's satisfaction.

Some fragrances have been very well received by the shoppers as their incomparable aroma is highly appreciated by buyers. Creation is one perfume created by Ted Lapidus, designed to deliver better experiences for the user as they feature more than one quality. Based on a mix of jasmine, rose and amber, this nice fragrance features a combination of notes of tuberose, musk, violet, lemon, peach and mandarin. Fantasme is another perfume designed for women, recommended to be used at night or in the day time. Featuring an aroma that reminds of sandalwood, vanilla, musk, cedar and lily-of-the-valley, this nice fragrance did have quite an impact on the market managing to express a stronger power of suggestion with more pleasant and desirable effects.

Design is great with these ones. Shaped in exquisite manner, carrying all the directions of use necessary, these products really make the producer proud of its creations. Bottles with unusual designs, boxes colored in highly intensive colors, have been the means on which this company has based its entire strategy of advertizing. Relevant facts from this sector do show that a direct relation between the quality and general characteristics of the package and the volume of the sales does exists.

Additional information we obtained in the past few years reveal the hidden interest of the shopper, certain qualities of the fragrances staying in the main focus of the shopper as their expectations regarding the effects of these perfumes are highly and permanently increasing.