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Swiss Guard

Swiss Guard has introduced its first men's perfume called “Swiss Guard” in 2001. The fragrance posses the top notes of bergamote, patchouli and rosemary. The cologne is recommended for casual wear. The company has introduced second perfume, called “Swiss Guard Blue”. The fragrance was similar to the original one. The company has developed more than 5 colognes for men.

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Swiss Guard Eau de Toilettes

The design house of Swiss Guard has proven its commitment to enhancing customers' satisfaction and trust. The typical Safe Guard customer is a modern and active person, who knows how to appreciate straightforward, ready-to-use colognes. The Safe Guard pledge of quality is very important in contemporary fragrance industry and is a sign that we're dealing with a relevant name that is here to stay. Being particularly incisive and insightful at the same time, Swiss Guard is the epitome of contemporary trends and one of the reasons why so many urban people like it so much.

Here are the two of the most featured fragrances launched by the house of Swiss Guard:

  • Swiss Guard Cologne for Men by Swiss Guard-sweet and spicy, this eau de toilette features strong notes of lavender; the very simple construction makes it suitable for casual wear;
  • Swiss Guard Cologne for Women by Swiss Guard-elegant and subtle, this one is suitable for women who have the sense of fashion and know how to wear a sophisticated aroma on a daily basis.

These twin eau de toilette spray bottles remind of herbal aromatic beverage bottles, featuring a silver metal cap and a triangular emblem of Swiss Guard Original framing the Swiss Cross; the bottles come in boxes that reiterate the initial design. The Swiss Guard fragrance for Men comes in a black bottle and a black box, while its feminine counterpart is available in a pistachio green bottle, counterbalanced by a sky blue box. Such elegant color schemes are definitely relevant in the context of contemporary perfumes and prove once again that this design is just as important as the elements used by more popular brands in this industry. At the same time, the volumes, shapes, and lines featured by these products look good in any environment, be it modern interior design or a traditional bedroom.

Buy Swiss Guard fragrances online and you can get them at a discounted price that will make you think twice about online orders. The offers are extensively attractive and very common, so don't hesitate and take your share as soon as you can.