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Swiss Army

The Swiss Army is well known for manufacturing pocket knifes. The term "Swiss Army knife" appeared, after American soldiers could not pronounce the German name. Later on the company has launched the series of men's colognes. The most popular perfumes are “Altitude”, “Mountain Water”, “Unlimited” and “Swiss Army”. The fragrances have masculine and strong scents. Later on the company has introduced gift sets. The company has developed more than 7 men's colognes.

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Swiss Army Message in a Bottle Launched in 1998

We're not here to talk about the fabulous Victorinox knifes, timepieces, or travel gear; we will talk about fragrances instead. Is there a piece of Switzerland in these scents? Do they imbed the spirit of voyages and voyagers? Is there anything about the Swiss landscape waiting to be discovered in a perfume bottle, like a mysterious message released into the sea? Discover the Swiss Army Collection of fine fragrances and the Swiss Unlimited Collection to find answers of your own and live the Swiss experience without boundaries, borders, or barriers.

Leaves, bark, and woodsy herbs are the basic ingredients in the Swiss Army colognes; here's a list of superlative fragrances created by Harry Fremont for the Swiss Army:

  • Swiss Army for men by Swiss Army-this woody aromatic cologne opens up with refreshing and intense notes of bergamot, mint, and other green notes; as the opening fades away, an adventurous combination of edelweiss, violet leafs, lavender, and rosemary emerges; the deeper notes of cypress, cedar, fir, and musk await the drydown of this bold cologne;
  • Swiss Army Altitude for Men - this eau de toilette is introduced by juniper and cedar accents; on the woody base notes lies the mint and sage heart of this high-air perfume;
  • Swiss Army for Her by Swiss Army-a fruity floral formula, with notes of edelweiss;
  • Swiss Army Mountain Water - aromatic fougere;
  • Swiss Unlimited for Men by Swiss Army-with green notes, wormwood, and fir.

There's no need to describe the Swiss Army logo as it is probably as well known as the Coca-Cola logo. Is there anything special or worth mentioning about the careful designs and fine finishes of these cologne bottles? Something that is not applicable to the entire brand but defines their line of fragrances? The Swiss Unlimited Collection of Fragrances has come up with a great design concept: the U-Fill-Your nomadic refill; the entire line of products features the famous Swiss red. The Swiss Army cologne for him reminds of a thermos beverage bottle, the Swiss Army Mountain Water cologne features an intense blue color, while the Swiss Army for Her perfume brings a glossy accent to the traditional Swiss red.

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