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Summer's Eve

Summer's Evego is a brand, that produces hygiene products for women. The company belongs to Fleet company. The company became famous, because of their provocative concepts and image and scandalous and provocative advertising campaign. They personalized the intimate part of women's body. These had a sensational effect and their products were in high demand. The company also launched the line of cleansing body gels, deodorants and sprays and body powders.

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Summer's Eve or the Imminence of Perfection

Summer's Eve is a bold and relatively explicit concept of feminine hygiene products including cleansing wash, cleansing cloths, deodorant spray, body powder, and bath & shower gels especially formulated to provide delicate care; the Summer's Eve products are pH balanced, alcohol-free, soap-free, hypoallergenic, tested and approved by dermatologists and gynecologist for your safety. The overall appearance of the brand has been evaluated by female customers as friendly, feminine, yet not too girlish, and without lacking a healthy sense of humor; the numerous favorable beliefs about the positive attributes of the Summer's Eve brand as well as the considerable number of positive reviewers of the brand's products by the end-users have encouraged the company to pursue a dialogic advertising campaign with a special stress on the educational values promoted by Summer's Eve.

Some of the most popular products by Summer's Eve are the Cotton Breeze Body Powder, the Douche Fresh Scent Cleanser, and the Delicate Blossom Feminine Wash for Sensitive Skin; among the fashionable spray fragrances launched by Summer's Eve we'd like to mention the Feminine Deodorant Spray Island Splash, and the Feminine Deodorant Spray Extra Strenght.

The company has spent a lot of energy in developing packaging solutions that are discreet and convenient. These products come in packs with a sustainable design featuring a top delicate vegetal motif against a white background, while the bottom of the spray/pack/bottle is reserved for displaying useful information about the products against a tastefully colored background that matches the Summer's Eve logo. The iconic logo of this brand consists of the letters S and E separated by a thin line, clearly visible on a petal framing designed as to suggest a V shape.

A woman's private parts should be of utmost importance; increased awareness can help a woman gain more self confidence; pick up the washes, sprays, pads, and fragrances of your choice to get the gentle treatment your body needs. Purchase any Summer's Eve anxiety-free external private area products at our e-store now at cut prices beyond belief! Pamper your genitalia and save up to 55% of the costs! Stay cleaner and fresher without overpaying!