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Succes De Paris

Success De Paris is Australian brand that is manufacturing amazing fragrances for men and women. The fragrances have natural and refreshing scents and they are suitable for day and night occasions. The perfumes are coming in colorful and playful bottles, that are attractive for both men and women. Their first fragrance was introduced in 1998 and it was named “Private number”. Than “Mon Amour” for women and “Black Label” for men were introduced. The name of the company reflects their intension to produce top quality and unique fragrances, that will compete with the even French perfumes, that are acclaimed in the whole world.

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Succès De Paris - A Horizon of Great Expectations

The Australia based brand of fine fragrances Succès de Paris has an extraordinary reputation for quality and creativity in the field of perfumery. Rewriting the rule book in perfumery is never easy; creating a synergy of natural scents and man-made ingredients and make it vibrate is an art. What is the key to success according to Succès de Paris? How is a brand name established? In order to achieve commercial success in perfumery, one needs to prove a good bit of resourcefulness and imagination, as well as a constant preoccupation for excellence. The name of the brand describes a horizon of expectations directly connected to an amazingly glorious history of perfumery à la française-the undisputed world leader in the sector: a story of refinement and beauty, sophistication and elegance.

What are the best fragrances by Succès De Paris we can recommend? Here's a list of the crème de la crème perfumes and colognes included in the Fujiyama collection; feel free to try them and see how they can make your senses erupt:

  • the Fujiyama Perfume by Succès de Paris-a refreshing fruity recipe, moderately impersonal, yet impressive and somewhat blossomy, intended for office wear;
  • the Fujiyama Deep Purple Perfume by Succès de Paris-this feminine perfume has captured all the steps from oriental-spicy to citrus-fruity brilliantly;
  • the Fujiyama Green Perfume by Succès de Paris-numerous perfume houses have launched green scents, as they are very popular; but Fujiyama Green seems to stand out from the crowd in a very creative manner: put all the impressions of citrus, green tea, sweet florals, sweet woods, and bay leaves together and you get this incredibly sharp, fresh and magnetic fragrance best for casual wear;
  • the Fujiyama Black Label Cologne by Succès de Paris-a sensual, masculine cologne for him.

After experimenting with unusual and mimetic shapes such as the Polemic Perfume (launched in 1999) that features the very origins of temptation: a green apple-shaped bottle, the brand's perfume bottles have concentrated on the same concept by elaborating on the idea of ascension imbedded in a cone shape (probably inspired by the shape of Mount Fuji).

Although intended mostly for casual wear, the Fujiyama-kind of a spiritual collection of fragrances-reunites scents that are both energetic and peaceful, grounding and uplifting, just like a volcano.