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Stila company was founded in 1994 by professional make up artist Nichole Lobell. The company produces the wide variety of make up products, such as foundations, powder, eye and lip liners and many other products. The products are being sold at very affordable prices and basically anyone can afford to buy them. In 2009 the company was sold to Patriarch Partners. There are more than 50 make up products that are offered by the company.

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Stila - The Elegant Signature of Excellence in Cosmetics

Since 1994, Stila Cosmetics has been a mark of superior quality products in the sectors of beauty, cosmetics, and makeup. Founded by make-up artist Jeanine Nichole Lobell, Stila became the property of Patriarch Partners, LLC in 2009.

The color palette featured by most of the exquisite pieces in the Stila makeup collection encompasses soft, gleaming, and shining colors as well as matte shades; there are some very interesting makeup concepts based on the idea of multiuse (e.g. blush & lip color). Here's a list of our preferences; feel free to add your own:

  • stay all day 10-in-1 HD beauty balm-a modern primer to prepare your skin for makeup application with the ability to reduce and/ or hide the imperfections, while providing excellent blemish and oil control;
  • one step correct-multitasker triple-swirled helix serum featuring Stila's Youth Revival Bio-Available Mineral Complex;
  • perfecting concealer-semi-matte finish available in multiple shades;
  • sun bronzing powder-a quick on-the-go solution to look as if you've been at the seashore all summer;
  • baked eye shadow trios-chalky, sheer mediums available as gold glow, bronze glow, and rose-gold glow;
  • convertible colors-versatile and ingenious editions featuring 2-in-1 blush & lipstick;
  • lip enamel luxe loss-a collection of great looking shades with Golden Root plant extract (rhodolea rosea)-a miraculous ingredient that potentially changes the serotonin and dopamine body levels, thus providing an incredible mood.

There are some very appealing presentations of the Stila Eye Shadow and Cheek Colors, available as pots, pans, or palettes, or in the form of watercolor paint tin. The packaging solutions are recyclable and / or biodegradable. The baked powder editions (available as duos for cheek and trios for eye) don't come in the regular plastic cans: the packaging solutions feature a special terra-cotta look to share some of the feeling involved in the manufacturing process. The absolutely incredible design of the multiuse swirled helix featured by products such as one step bronze and one step correct is like nothing you've seen before.

These exquisite makeup solutions by Stila do cost more than $1; however, rest assured you won't regret the acquisition. These products belong in a totally new generation of makeup solutions. Place your order now and get what you need at a better price!