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Stendhal company has been recognized as a company that is producing advanced skin care products. The house of Stendhal was founded in 1948. The company was pioneer in discovering first mink oil and anti-cellulite treatments. The company is using first class ingredients, that are one hundred percent natural. The company also has developed different cellulite and stretch marks solutions products, anti aging creams for face and eye area. The company offers more than 50 cosmetic products, that can be acquired in America and Europe.

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Since 1948, with Stendhal Cosmetics, Beauty Has no Boundaries

Stendhal is a brand of advanced skincare products with a good reputation; using first class ingredients and FDA approved formulas, Stendhal cosmetics is a trustworthy name in skincare industry. Some of the most important achievements of this brand were to create the first mink oil cosmetic recipe, the first anti-cellulite treatment, and the first line of organic hypoallergenic cosmetic products, to mention but a few bragging rights of Stendhal Cosmetics. The company runs its own Research Lab in the Southern France, where the sophisticated Stendhal formulas are created and perfected.

Here's a short list of highly recommended products by Stendhal with excellent online reviews: Bio Program Stop Stretchmarks, Bio Program Gentle Cleansing Milk, Bio Program Gentle Toning Lotion, Bio Program Anti-Aging Night Care for Sensitive Skin, Bio Program Soothing & Nourishing Oil, Hydro-Harmony Abs Glutes Care 3623, Hydro-Harmony Toning Water, Hydro-Harmony 3 In 1 Lotion, Pur Luxe Complexion Corrector (concealer pen), Pure Luxe Total Anti-Aging Body Care, Pure Luxe Bust Elixir 1617, Pure Luxe Total Anti-Aging Night Care, Recette Merveilleuse Firming Shaping Body Care, Recette Merveilleuse Eye Makeup Remover, Recette Merveilleuse Throat Decollete & Bust Care, and White Program Concentrated Whitening Essence. Some of the best fragrances by Stendhal include Ambre Sublime and Elixir Noir, available as eau de perfume, spray, body crème, and shower gel. Feel free to explore the list and add your own choices.

Stendhal Cosmetics claims that beauty has no boundaries. The amount of natural beauty and man-made beauty can have the most unexpected and overwhelming effect on the beholder; this is the very concept behind the Stendhal brand. This strong statement of beauty associated with the modern, elegant, unobtrusive, yet sophisticated effect of the packaging solutions by Stendhal is truly a pursuit of and a prelude to happiness.

Feel free to pick up anything your heart desires, as the range of cosmetic products by Stendhal has no boundaries: buy eye liners, lip gloss, nail gloss, anti-aging crèmes, cleaning lotions, hydrating ointments, and perfumes! Feel free to look around and place your order at our e-store now to benefit from highest quality cosmetics at a bargain price.