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Stella McCartney

Stella McCatney is am American fashion designer. She launched her cosmetic line in 1998. She launched the series of women's fragrances and body washes. Her first perfume was launched in 2001 and it was named Stella Nude. In 2005 another fragrance was introduced and it was named Stella Sheer. Later on she launched the series of perfume gift sets with scented body lotions and hand creams. The company is being sold in more than 2000 stores all over America.

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Springtime Stella McCartney Perfume Collections Reinvented

UK-based designer Stella McCartney created a fragrances extension of her couture brand in 2003; the Stella McCartney perfume label is available in conjunction with L'Oreal, in collaboration with perfumer Jacques Cavallier.

We recommend the entire Sheer Stella perfume collection to our valued customers; the prototype of this perfume was first launched in 2003 and continues to be reinvented in multiple springtime versions each year; the Sheer Stella perfumes are particularly feminine, while maintaining the key ingredients between distinct editions of the initial concept, such as the Moroccan Rose, the citrus touch, the mix of blossoms, and the ambery base. We would also like to draw attention to Stella Velvet: the peony and rose flowers sit on an ambery base; the combination remains very close to the skin for a long time. If you prefer something more cheeky, same brand, same designer, we insist that you try the Stella Nude perfume. Or, you could try and see what you think of L.I.L.Y. (2012)-a limited edition by Stella McCartney, inspired by her own childhood memories, featuring a rather uncomplicated formula, yet, with unusual ingredients such as truffle, lily-of-the-valley, and oak moss.

The special stress on the bottle designs displayed by Stella McCartney's perfumes cannot pass unnoticed: the shapes, finishes, and materials used feature high-end, luxurious standards; the velvety color palette with sublime botanical accents ranges from peach shades of pink to mysterious Byzantium violets, deep dark eggplant mauves, and black cherry hues. The entire Sheer Stella collection of bottles reinvented each spring doesn't cease to amaze both the specialists and Stella McCartney's fans; we recommend that you also take a look at the astonishing floral "dresses" featured by her Print Collection Stella (2011).

Daydreaming and buying flowers can be very agreeable occupations; but then you may discover that you prefer the concreteness of an elaborated perfume. When you no longer fancy vague and general indulgence into an olfactory routine that may as well resume to sniffing roses and daisies, and signs indicate that you are ready to go to the next level, Sheer Stella is the perfume collection you really need.