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Sovage Dermatologic Laboratories

Sövage Dermatologic Laboratories is is brand that introduced instant lip plumper, that became an alternative to cosmetic procedures. This products made a sensation on the beauty market. This products became loved by many women, because they do not have to go to expensive and unwanted cosmetic procedures and the lip plumper is made of organic ingredients. Later on the company developed facial anti-oxidant cream, that is very effective when it comes to fighting unwanted wrinkles.

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Voluptuous Lips by Sövage Dermatologic Laboratories

Sövage Dermatologic Laboratories is a brand of fine alternatives to cosmetic surgery; forget about lip injections and tummy liposuction! There are easier instant solutions to these concerns. Sövage Dermatologic Laboratories offer advanced formulas that work on the spot, such as Idebenol facial anti-oxidant (Idebenone is a synthetic analog of coenzyme Q10 used in topical applications to treat wrinkles), lip plumper, and slimming tummy gel.

The Instant Lip Plumper by Sövage Dermatologic Laboratories is a very sophisticated serum that manages to reshape the aspect of your lips by enhancing size, color, and contour; The Sövage Lip Plumper provides advanced hydration, while being compatible with your usual lip color; you can get more voluptuous lips on the spot, without the sticky or greasy feeling; this product features a non-chafing, non-drying, and non-burning formula that can help you get seductive lip fullness and contour and remove lip wrinkles in the blink of an eye. The Tummy Flattening Gel by Sövage Dermatologic Laboratories is an Epidril-based formula that eliminated abdominal fat without painstaking diets and tiresome hours spent at the gym; you can get back into your old jeans with just a bit of fat burning paste by Sövage; get a flat, well-defined stomach, a thinner waist, or get rid of buttocks fat instantaneously with this effective formula!

Please take a close look to the aspect of the products you're buying in order to make sure you are getting an original product by Sövage Dermatologic Laboratories. The packaging solutions used feature fine finished designs with a somewhat pharmaceutical look-a trend wide spread in the niche; the tube or applier comes in a paper box (pink for the lip plumper, violet for the tummy gel, pale green for Idebenol); the Sövage Dermatologic Laboratories logo-featuring an elegant serif font-appears against a white background in the upper segment of the pack, while the name of the product is written below, on the colored side of the pack.

You need a new shape of you that is still you? You fancy having a glamorous appearance without being willing to submit to plastic surgery and pay ridiculously large amounts of money? The Sövage Dermatologic Laboratories have exactly what you need: these product sare cheap, effective, fast, and non-invasive!