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Softsoap is the domain of Colgate- Palmolive's company. Softsoap produces liquid hand soap and body gels. The founder of the liquid line, William Sheppard, has gain patent number 49,561 for his "Improved Formula of Liquid Soap" . His discovered that conventional soap could be combined with hartshorn and this creates the liquid soaps. His invention became widely used in public areas this is what make his products in high demand.

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A Rainbow of Softsoap Options

Softsoap is a well-known brand of personal care products, including soaps, washes, deodorants, and toiletries; the brand is mostly popular for a wide range of liquid hand soap options, fine fragranced body washes and bar soaps; the featured scents are more often than not fruity or flowery, very basic, refreshing and joyful. Especially designed for springtime, these products can be used at anytime provided that you have the youthful spirit to undertake such a playful task.

We recommend the following Softsoap collections:

  • The Moisturizing Body Wash Fragrance Collection-featuring intense fragrances: Juicy Pomegranate & Mango Infusions, Raspberry Sorbet & Almond Blossom, Sweet Honeysuckle & Orange Peel, Cherry Blossom & Wild Bamboo, Back Orchid & Velvet Hibiscus, and Ultra Rich Shea Butter Crème;
  • The Enhancing Body Wash Premium Collection-featured fragrances include coconut, strawberry, and vanilla;
  • The Liquid Hand Soap Advanced Benefits Collection-a colorful set of liquid soaps with fruit extracts, pearl extract, mineral sea salt, citrus extracts, eucalyptus, aloe, and shea butter;
  • The Liquid Hand Soap Pampered Hands Foaming Collection-featuring raspberry, plum, and tangerine;
  • The Liquid Hand Soap Classics Collection-featuring a wide variety of fruity, sweet, and spicy fragrances;
  • The Bar Soap Fragrance Collection-featuring natural extracts and fruity scents.

The Softsoap pumps and bottles are coded for recycling. The Liquid Hand Soap Kids Foam Works Collection features ergonomic oversized pumps for increased usability by children. Vast color palettes define the very nature of this particular line, with a special interest for vivid shades of red and orange. Figural elements intermingle with the superb logo which recreates the well-known elements of the brand on a blue background. If you want to make sure you identify this product accurately, the best way to do it is to look for the logo and for this set of nice colors.

Buy Softsoap online and benefit from exceptional prices and special offers. If you purchase large quantities, you can see further reductions and discounts right from the very beginning, even if these products are particularly cheap when you consider the quality of the ingredients embedded in these original formulas.