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Smooth 'N Shine

Smooth N Shine is the first brand to offer polishing and styling products. Smooth 'N Shine manufactures products by infusing thermal and chemically damaged hair with incredible shine and manageability. Each formula contains Keratin Proteins and Silk Amino Acids. This special formula helps to strengthen and restore the hair texture, by improving the appearance and condition of the hair.

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Get Perfect Hair Polish with Smooth ‘N Shine

Smooth 'N Shine is a brand of non-medicated hair care preparations and hair styling solutions with a special stress on polishing; most Smooth 'N Shine hair care items feature advanced formulas enriched with keratin proteins and silk amino acids-active ingredients proven to bring tremendous benefits to your hair in terms of improving the general condition of the hair, hair shaft repair, as well as shine and manageability recovery.

All Smooth 'N Shine styling products are exceptionally well-priced. Here's a list of the best deals:

  • The Extra Hold Conditioning Gel - many Smooth 'N Shine formulas are grease-free, wax-free, and alcohol-free; this styling gel is recommended for intricate coiffures and elaborate styles due to its additional holding strength and fabulous shine;
  • The Instant Repair Spray-On Polisher - an extra shining formula that insures perfect hair detangling and split ends repair for an impeccable coiffure;
  • The Styling Mousse Extra Hold Extra Body - a super polishing and super volume styling solution with no compromise: we recommend this lightweight foam by Smooth 'N Shine to people who value the health of their hair, prefer a natural looking effect and a vivid hairstyle, while not being willing to negotiate gloss and shine;
  • The Silk Style Smoothing Mousse Extra Hold Conditioning - the perfect synergy to strengthen and repair, condition and shine, style and extra care, featuring enhanced usability and affordability.

The Smooth 'N Shine cans and sprays have a sporty appearance. In order to make sure you get the right brand, look for the Smooth 'N Shine Polishing logo featuring a plane single-line rectangle balanced by a wavy line; the word "shine", written with capital letters, is clearly visible under the curved separation, due to the increased black and white contrast; above the twisted line one can read the words "Smooth 'N" featuring a black, generously spaced typing font against a magenta background.

If you are looking for affordable style & polish hair solutions that will make your hair look great while holding your hairstyle just the way you want it, the Smooth 'N Shine range of products are the best available choice. Place your order now to buy Smooth 'N Shine gels and mousses cheaper than anywhere else on the internet!