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Slava Zaitsev

Slava Zaitsev is famous fashion designer from Russia. He introduced his first perfume fro women “Marrousia” in 1992. It has flowery light scent. This feminine perfume contain the blend of a sweet amber, peach and fresh flowers. The perfume is suitable for night wear. Later one there was 2 more perfumes for women introduced. They has light and fruity scents, that are suitable for casual wear.

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Slava Zaitsev, a Brand of Subtlety

The strategy followed by this brand in reaching higher achievements has been the basis for the processes of development that lead to the products obtained. More products of higher quality have been the few things that determined a positive evolution of this great producer on the market. With a larger number of products sold, this cosmetics' producer has progressed a lot, gaining stronger considerations from the entire market as more shoppers did reveal a true interest for the entire line of cosmetics produced. Featuring products of high quality with complex and a variety of destinations, the entire line of cosmetics won praises from all shoppers.

One particularly seductive and attractive perfume gained our interest as it features an aroma that one cannot easily forget. Along with the specific scent, it also displays a color that has to be noticed as the hue is completely astonishing. The very attractive scent is caused by the formula that determined the aroma featured by these great perfume. Maroussia is a great flowery fragrance based on a combination of fresh floral and sweet amber. Very feminine, this fragrance has all that is needs to capture your attention, raising your feelings to an unexpectedly high level.

Designed beautifully, this concept is presented in a fabulous packaging. Such extra characteristics do increase the value of the product as everyone does appreciate a product in the proper wrapper. The Packaging has been conceived in such way that one can find no faults to it. Able to make you feel richer with each step you take closer to these products, they are highly appreciated for their inner values. The colors are completely astonishing while the shapes are quite original.

As everyone is interested in, the price these products sell for must be specified as it is of great importance. Some people do take in consideration the price of the products and that being considered we need to say that these products come at cheaper prices than we expected. In retail stores, they are sold at affordable prices, while online lower prices around holydays might be encountered.