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Salvador Dali

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Salvador Dali, the True Image of Vision

As always, truly grand names have been cheered worldwide and one can be assured that Salvador Dali is one name worthy of such praise. With a history of exquisite artistic creations, Salvador Dali appears in the cosmetic industry as a very successful creator. The line of perfumes launched on the market by Salvador Dali has specific characteristics that makes them special and very appreciated by so many. With a true interest in the consumer's satisfaction, these fragrances bring style and comfort into your life, delivering a more valued and enhanced look.

Dali by Salvador Dali is a perfume that features a slender aroma based on a nice mixture of lavender, bergamot and anise. This fragrance has style and does bring a very romantic feeling into your life especially due to the essences of musk and cedar blended into this sublime perfume. Daliflor is a fragrance destined to women. It is a floral perfume and brings a feeling of freshness along with a subtle touch of nostalgia. Featuring a blend of roses, violet, mandarin and musk, this highly praised perfume is recommended for wear in daytime and evening. Dalimix Gold is another perfume designed for women, conceived to deliver a crisp fresh look and invigorate the spirit.

Featuring an absolutely superb design, these perfumes are presented in bottles of incomparable shapes, featuring such original forms that one couldn't take the eyes off them. Cans and boxes used for packaging are also completely amazing, as they do display as these products in the wonderful image they deserve. To produce such high quality products able to fulfill more than the needs one can express and to be able to deliver them in a sublime wrapper is one thing that any company in this industry could easily dream of.

With astonishing looks, these products are displayed in stores on the shelves among other fragrances in the cosmetic departments, with their own designated area, where they can enjoy their own space of exhibition. Sold online as well, Salvador Dali's fragrances have been appreciated not as some of the best, but as the best ones.