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Sally Hansen

Sally Hansen was founded in 1950 by a married couple of chemists. Together they developed special nail protection formula, named hard as nails. This special formula ”hard as nails” made Sally Hansen number one leading brand of nail care industry. Sally Hansen became acclaimed as brand that produces high quality nail care. The philosophy of the company remains the same: educate the costumers and develop quality of the products. There are more than 20 nail care products developed by the company.

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Sally Hansen's Way for Better Looks

Despite the deep influence new culture has had on most sectors, the industry of cosmetics has managed to keep its direction following the main roots that guided it from the beginning. With a large number of products released on the market, this luxurious brand has improved the quality of the products as much as possible while they continuously tried to develop new ways to produce better cosmetics. With an entire line of concepts destined to sustain and enhance a superior, more beautiful look, Sally Hansen has been largely praised by all the customers, especially women, who, accidentally or not, got to use any of Sally Hansen's creations.

Maximum Growth Daily Nail Treatment is a product featuring a new improved formula meant to help maintain the health of the nails. With an enhanced composition, this formula helps strengthen the nails and offers the protection nails need in order to grow healthy and strong. Reinforcing the fragile, soft nails, this formula helps preventing the peeling and chipping of the nails. Advance Hard As Nails With Nylon & Retinol # 2764-01 Nude is another product destined to help the nails stay healthy. This product provides the nails with a stronger surface, while delivering a smooth feeling. Along with the proteins contained, the entire affect of this nice product on the nails is noticeable at short times after usage. Crème Hair Bleach for Face Fast @ Gentle With Soothing Aloe is a crème that delivers consistent results, the Aloe in its composition supplying the necessary element to soothe the surface.

Design is very enjoyable; each of these superb products is packed in a nice package, with sublime shaped bottles and cans.

With a sum of fine results and a history of success, Sally Hansen has joined the best producers in this industry, with a very promising future. Sold in sets, some of these products are quite affordable even without the promotional offers that are present so often in the stores and even more often online. Shopping online, especially when a promotion is active, is much more effective as more products are bought at a lower price.