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Romeo Gigli

Romeo Gigli is a fashion designer from Italy. The company is located in Castel Bolognese. He became famous in 1986, and he had his impact on other designers of that times. His fragrances were described as "sensual and strong scented perfumes”. The most popular perfumes are Romeo Gigli, Romeo Gogli Rrofumi and Gigli for women.

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Romeo Gigli, Learn How to Provide

With a very strong will and power of suggestion, Romeo Gigli has been truly remarkable by the very essence of the perfumes released on the market and sold in such large numbers. As the idea of a fragrance able to combine the classic and the modern scents has been very much repudiated in the past, this producer has managed to exploit and create the base for an aroma that lately generated so many great fragrances. As crazy as it might seem for some, the true nature of the success stands sometime in adopting strongly rejected ideas and proving them to work just fine.

With a permanent presence in the preference's tops, these creations have been based on a concept conceived from one of the first ideas initially promoted by the first in this field. With much more than simply originality, some products seem really Angelique. Romeo Gigli by Romeo Gigli is a much acclaimed fragrance, featuring a base of mango, lime, rose, iris, mandarin, and sandalwood. With a sublime aroma, this fragrance does have a strong and quick impact on those around. Even when tested, this perfume is being adored by those who try it. With its sharp taste and with the combined low and middle notes, this scent get you feel like in the first days of spring when all comes to life after a very long sleep. Romeo Gigli Man by Romeo Gigli is a perfume conceived for men's usage. With an aroma based on a mix of oriental flowers and fresh scents, this fragrance has been known as a superb companion.

Designed superbly, each bottle and box features a special something that remembers of Romeo Gigli every moment you look at it or when you touch it. With a texture worth of praising, the package used is a perfect fit for the entire line pf products this brand creates.

Sold at very low prices, these sublime perfumes have been the means on which so many people found their way in life, the fragrances featuring a such strong essence that reveals the true inner self.