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Roger & Gallet

French brands that makes colognes and toilet waters for men. Roger & Gallet company has been around since 1862. The company's philosophy remained true to its roots and traditions. They launched their first Eau de Cologne over 20 decades ago and they tried to keep this scent the same, untouched. The company also developed a series of fragrances that can fit to a modern market. They expanded from colognes to a shaving creams and a toiletry collection that includes shower gel and hair styling creams.

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Roger & Gallet, the Value of Experience

With so many competitors on the market in these last few years, it is very hard at times to make differences among the producers on the market. However, this is not the case of Roger & Gallet. When you hear this name pronounced or when you get to read this name on a product, on a commercial or any other place you know by all means that you have reached the best. Relevant facts are so well displayed, the history itself consisting of a proof good enough to reveal us what really means to be a perfume creator. For hundreds of years, this company has elaborated more complex and sensible concepts, releasing on the market products of unquestionable quality.

Extra Vieille Jean Marie Farina is a very deep fragrance launched over two hundred years ago. Featuring an aroma based on a seductive combination of lemon, bergamot, orange, rose, and carnation, this perfume has touched the highest levels ever known. With an impressive performance, we do have to express our gratitude to have had the chance to test this perfume. Being honored to have the opportunity to describe this exquisite scent, we do have to mention its reputable fame for the experience it delivers. Open by Roger & Gallet is a fragrance launched only a few decades ago. With a very impressive scent, it does deliver more than expected. Featuring a mixture of spicy woods, lavender, amber, and citrus, it is well recommended for daytime wear.

The design is very special, with a distinctive superior line that differentiates these creations from other competitors. Also, careful packaging, along with the specifically shaped bottles, has conquered the preferences of the shoppers in time, as offers have varied featuring more aromas.

Sold in dedicated stores in the beginning, and in regular retail stores afterwards, these perfumes are sold these days online as well, promotions allowing all types of customers to access these perfumes, to get a chance to touch the perfection, revealing the true nature of quality to all the customers all the way to the last one.