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Rochas is a beauty, fashion and fragrance house established in 1925. The owner of the company was Marcel Rochas. He was the first designer of two-third-length coats and skirts with pockets. It is currently belongs to Procter & Gamble. In July 2006, Procter & Gamble has made an announcement about discontinuation of Rochas' fashion division. That shocked many critics in the fashion industry. One "longtime critic" commented anonymously in the New York Times. His comments are: "That sort of perfect, made-to-measure business can't exist today, which is really too bad. Everything is about business now, and fashion shouldn't have to follow normal economic models that's not the point”.

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Rochas, the True Name of Quality

With a very soft touch and more effective than most of the cosmetics on the market, these creations have been truly appreciated from the moment they came out the fabrication lines up until the day of today. Higher standards of quality imposed to their own products every year has been the reason why these days just a few of the competitors can be really considered as competitors. With product unmatchable by any other, Rochas has put the foundation for a new type of product, the ones created with just one purpose in mind, quality. Results obtained have amazed the entire world, as scientific requirements for such achievements are hard to reach.

Desir de Rochas is a fragrance produced by Rochas, featuring such a superb combination of notes of litchi, black currant, mandarin, orange, wild strawberry. Along we can find middle notes of lily, magnolia, freesia, peach, rose and base notes of amber, and dark chocolate. With such a complex and exquisite aroma, this fragrance has been applauded all over the globe. Representing the company with pride, this sublime perfume has brought so many praises for Rochas. Eau De Rochas is a very nice perfume, featuring a classic aroma which brings up dear memories. Very well balanced, this fragrance does have some strong notes of citrus mixed with mandarin meant to provide a drop of freshness. The very complex composition of this aroma, based on a blend of amber and woods does empowers this majestic fragrance with nonhuman qualities.

Products of impeccable quality, delivered in an amazing package, sold at very acceptable prices, they come to show that the true spirit of creation has not been lost in this crazy, wild free-market. With a sublime contribution to the satisfaction customer benefit of, this company has been one of the few who managed to keep alive the feeling of achievement.

Sold at reasonable prices, they do deliver much more than they get sold for. Certain offers especially online on various sites of profile allow buyers to purchase more of these products at very good prices, saving money for the customers.