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Rocawear company was established in 1999. The founder of the company is Roc-A-Fella Records and its co-founders are Jay Z and Damon Dash. Rocawear has revenue sales of $700 millions annually. Rocawear expanded its trademark awareness through acquiring license to develop clothing collections for children and juniors, such as sandals and socks; suede, leather and outerwear from fur; handbags and belts; lounge wear; big and tall; jewelry; head-wear and sunglasses; as well as co-branded product with State Property , Pro-Keds, and Team Roc.

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Rocawear, Diversity in Its Core

The most powerful of the weapons, the image, has been used ever since in the society. With a very fast trend, the use of a fragrance to enhance the image has become quite popular these days. Rocawear comes to deliver such products, of high quality and strong impressiveness, along with a very wide range of products from other industries than the one of the cosmetics. With an entire line of products meant to sustain and improve the image along with a perpetual effect of enhanced feelings, this producer has managed to release on the market products marketed starting from a new idea: your image does measure your power.

In order to better express Rocawear's views, we introduce some of the most representative products they have successfully released on the market. Rocawear 9 IX is a fragrance meant to be used on special occasions. Based on a combination of coriander, melon, geranium, amber, and musk, this perfume really appeals to your most inner feelings, providing you with the most original experience ever. Such special gifts, because that's what they are, seem to be praised and rewarded with at least a smile. As comfort is very desired by all customers, such fragrances only enhance it, and that is why so many buyers decide to purchase it once they have their eyes locked onto them. Rocawear Evolution is a fragrance destined to be used by men. Reviewed as one of the best scents ever tested, this perfume has all you can expect for and all you don't expect for. Managing to combine the most unexpected elements together, Rocawear has produced a fragrance of unmatched quality and of a sensuality and seductiveness beyond any limits.

With a large number of products on the market, the one thing that differentiates this producer from other producers is the quality and design of the packaging beside the very originality of its essences.

Worldwide known as one of the best in this field, Rocawear can be proud to advertize their creations on the shelves in retail stores and online as the best that money can buy, as they offer, especially around holydays, reduced prices for their products.