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Roberto Verino

Roberto Verino has launched his first 'ready to wear' collection fro women in 1982. In 1992 Verino opened his first brand boutique in Paris and introduces the first fragrance, named Verino for men. Designer Roberto Verino has developed 13 fragrances in his own collection. The newest fragrance was introduced in 2011 and it was named Verino Blue. Roberto Verino was collaborating with such perfumers like Agusti Vidal and Olivier Polge.

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Roberto Verino, the Quality to the Limit

With a very impressive way of perception, Roberto Verino has been able to release an entire line of products mastered to fit your needs. Joyfully and filled with qualities, Roberto Verino's creations have been quite well received by the market. As demand has known a way stronger rise in the past few years, the idea of presenting for sale new innovative goods appealing to the modern views, has been of great success. Competition has always been very hard in the cosmetics industry, and that is why releasing better, improved products on the market appears as a very good solution to overcome competition. More clients, more demanding have been the factors that generated such actions as well. With a wider range of products, any producer can hope for a larger volume of sales and this is due to the increased number of choices offered to the shoppers.

One perfume, Eau De Verino, destined to women, has a combination of freesia notes and magnolia notes as its base. Featuring slender traces of Egyptian jasmine, lily of the valley and asmanthus, this feminine fragrance is well recommended for wear at day time. VV Man is a men's fragrance, recommended for wear at night time. Featuring a blend of deep rose notes, it also has embedded essences of melon, amber, clove, jasmine, sandalwood, and cardamom. Remarkable by its strong notes and powerful essence, this highly praised fragrance did sell in way larger than expected numbers. VV Energizing Bath & Shower Gel is another superb product released by the same producer, destined to increase the feeling of freedom and to help you feel more relaxed.

Some of the products are preferred by the customers due to the highly praised designs they feature. Sold in exquisite bottles, these products have a more popular image determining more shoppers to decide to buy them.

Purchasing prices are very well chosen, as all the customers may find these products fit for their needs. To be able to offer so many benefits for such a low price is one merit that Roberto Verino can be proud of.