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Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli was born on 15 November, in 1940. He is a fashion designer from Florence, Italy. He invented and designed a revolutionary printing pictures on leather texture and he started developing patchworks of different materials and textures. The company offers mens wear, womens wear and , jewelery, accessories, sunglasses, watches, fragrances, lingerie and swim-wear. There is also children's collection called the Angels & Devils, the Class line, two underwear collections, footwear, sunglasses r, watches and fragrances.

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Roberto Cavalli, a True Creator

Defining and redefining a producer in the industry of cosmetics has been one of the few things one has never ended trying with success. With a great reasoning behind, each producer has started from very bottom, fighting their own way to the top. Roberto Cavalli did his part, facing very difficult situations, but overcoming all of them proving to be worthy of its own destiny. "Per aspera ad astra" has been proved as real as me and you again, as Roberto Cavalli did manage to hit the very top in this field with very great efforts. Trying to release on the market goods of undoubtedly good quality and innovativeness, this producer has created a line of cosmetics that kept our attention for a long time.

Just Cavalli is a perfume designed recently, which features an aroma based on a combination of classic notes with a fresh scent. Destined for men usage, this fragrance contains notes of bergamot, rose, cardamom, mace, musk, and cedar. Recommended to be used on very specific occasions, this perfume has a scent that, as one said, it would impress even the Gods. The very essence of a fragrance is to enhance feelings and Just Cavalli does this very well, reviews revealing the very ways in which this fragrance acts to bring you back to a more lively way of being. Vivacity may have not been a word to describe your style best before this perfume; however, once you tried it vivacity will be your very true friend. Just Cavalli I Love Him is a fragrance based on a mixed aroma made out of slender notes of tangerine, black pepper, nutmeg, sandalwood, and tonka bean. Romantic and impressive, this perfume has proved to be very desired by a large number of customers as it fulfills so many needs.

Destined to improve your life, these fragrances feature majestic packaging. Bottles, cans and boxes are designed especially for your pleasure.

Sold at reputable reduced prices, these products worthy of Olympic medals are very accessible as their price tag is always lower than you expect them to be.