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Robert Piguet

Robert Piguet started his fashion designer career in 1930. His sophisticated designs, made him very popular French haute couture fashion designer of that time. Later on Piguet became mentor of Christian Dior. In 1944, the couturier lunched his first fragrance, named Bandit. The fragrances had a huge success and the scent remains classic and is the preferred scent of many women in the world.

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French Haut Couture with Robert Piguet Perfumes

Robert Piguet is a renowned name in France, where he made an influential career in the field of haut couture in the beginning of the last century. Fragrances advertised under his name bear the distinguished manner of their creator and the incisive looks of sophisticated luxury products. They are to be worn on special occasions only, as the bouquets are definitely too elaborate for casual wear and the traces they leave behind are so subtle that it takes a connoisseur to accurately identify them. All in all, this is a brand for those who care about the exceptional value of a high end perfume and about the effects such a perfume renders around it.

Oscillating between extremely powerful notes, discreet tones, and finesse in design, Robert Piguet perfumes are to be praised on every occasion; the intensity of aromas is unmatched and the power of top notes so obvious that you need to have a strong personality to be able to sustain them for an entire party of evening out. Subtle and creative, Fracas dismantles the arguments of your enemies with pink geranium, iris, and jasmine. Tuberose and orange blossom complete the bouquet, giving it a much more floral energy and pure vigor. Fracas blue, on the other hand, embodies spirituality with a complex mixture of lime, teak wood, rose, labdanum, musk, and vanilla. Use it with great care and make sure you accessorize it adequately if you want to create a spectacular impression when getting out in society.

The design of this brand is impressive in itself: the light elements of the boxes, featuring matte black and discreet pink and blue lines are just enough to counterbalance the power of the bottles. Transparency and angularity are key elements here, with a special stress on the way light travels through the liquid inside.

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