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Rihanna is a famous American singer, that has won several Grammy Awards. In 2004 Rihanna has introduced her first fragrance for women, called Reb’l Fleur. Later on the second fragrance was launched and it was called Rebelle. The fragrances emphasize Rihanna’s personality and character. The products had a great success in America and later on a line of gift sets was introduced.

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Rihanna - Bouquets to Remember

The very spirit of this brand is visible from the first glance: a certain propensity for the intriguing notions of contemporary modern life, urban elements, and accents revealing today's trends and fashion styles - they are all clearly states in the design and formulas sold under this name. Rihanna has managed to display such an elegant look by combining and mixing a set of concepts and precepts like: creativity is the core of innovation; the first rule in manufacturing perfect perfumes is finding the right formula; and the dismissive look of a quality brand becomes visible if advertised correctly on more than one occasion.

Each and every fragrance sold by Rihanna denotes the meaning of casual elegance and sophistication that is so rare these days. If you like to experience the deep meaning of this reality, indulge yourself in purchasing one or more of the products described below:

  • Reb'l Fleur - Perfect for young women with an urban lifestyle, this eclectic perfume will amaze your senses with notes of coconut, tuberose, and hibiscus. Designed as a daytime perfume, it can also be worn during the evening time if accessorized with the right outfit.
  • Reb'l Fleur black - Especially destined to sophisticated ladies, this is a fragrance that will surround you with particular traces of violets and fruits. Wear it at parties or when dining out and you'll definitely attract the eyes of men.
  • Rebelle - A more casual perfume, this is a brand for business women who want to exude confidence and trust. Ginger and plum are the main attractions here, with a special care for strawberry and heliotrope.

The design of these perfumes denotes fragility, grace, and finesse. Remark the fine contours, the perfect color schemes, and the meaningful way of the collaboration between volumes and shapes. Ready to be displayed at anytime, these bottles will definitely make a difference in your home, irrespective of the place where you decide to put them.

Cheap and affordable, Rihanna products have even better prices in online stores and shops. In addition, perfect discounts make these offers even more attractive so that you can buy such wonderful bouquets with ease and benefit from them regularly.