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Right Guard

Right Guard is the company that produces deodorants and shower gels for men. The company belongs to Dial Corporation the unit of Henkel. In 2006 the brand was sold to Procter & Gamble's. Right Guard is the second largest brand in the male deodorant category, after Old Spice. The company introduced Right Guard in the form of first aerosol in 1960s. Since then, Right Guard has introduced many new products in many antiperspirant deodorant forms.

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Keep Odors Away with Right Guard

Most brands dealing with antiperspirant formulas try to diversify their offer by focusing on various types of consumers. This is not entirely the case of Right Guard however, which comes with a more progressive approach: the products sold under this name are intended as complementary solutions to the basic problem of perspiration. From this perspective, the brand is rather modular in nature: you can buy more than one product and alternate uses from one day to another in order to stay healthy, dry, and shift from one style to another according to your own personality and mood.

Right Guard products are thus created as to cover a wide area of possibilities. Read the list below trying to understand the very basic truth that behind a few formulas, the spirit of each product in particular is much more persistent and important. From solid antiperspirants to sporty sprays, Right Guard has them all:

The design of Right Guard products is very consistent and cohesive in nature; it is based on the relation between sports and elegant outfits and it is easily noticeable by the clearly displayed logo on the front side of the products.

Buy Right Guard products online and you will have the advantage of purchasing more for less given the online offers and special sales you can find online at anytime.