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Revlon was established in the middle of the Great Depression. In 1932 the company was founded by Charles Revson. The founders of the company were Joseph and a chemist Charles, who contributed the letter ”l”in the Revlon name. The company started its productions with one product - a new type of nail enamel. After that the founders gathered up all their knowledge and developed a unique manufacturing process. Revlon was using pigments instead of dyes in its products. Revlon developed a variety of new shades of nail enamel. In 1937, Revlon started selling the polishes in department stores and pharmacies. In six years the company became a multi million dollar organization. By 1940, Revlon offered an entire manicure line, and added lipstick and lip glosses to the collection.

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Revlon - A Name to Remember and Trust

Featuring a superb offer both online and in local stores and shops, Revlon has made a name for itself due to a set of concepts followed with great care over years: professionalism, intuition, creativity, progressive thinking, adaptability, versatility, and reliability. Such a complex perspective on the matter of perfumes has its advantages that are especially obvious in the way people all over the world perceive these products. As such, one will always fancy a brand that has advertised proven results for such a long period of time (this brand has had a continuous presence ever since the 1930s) and with such a wide range of products.

Below you will read a list with some of the items currently available from this brand. However, this list is extremely limited and you should keep in mind that for each product mentioned here there are at least two dozens of equally effective products:

The extensive design featured by Revlon is so complex that it doesn't come in handy at all to fully describe it in one paragraph. Keep in mind that various lines come with various color schemes and that Revlon is dedicated to usability and portability.

The Revlon prices are excellent considering the quality and of the products so place an online order and get to know these superb items as soon as possible.