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Redken's style is a combination of spirit, energy and youth. The company was founded in 1953 in New York. The founder of the company was Jeff Redken. He was a professional scientist and perfumer. He was making fragrances for his friends and relatives. Later on he opened his own company and now the company offers more than 7 perfumes in its collection

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Urban Hair Care by Redken

People that have peculiar hair textures or have developed certain conditions recently know that a powerful brand, which does what it says it does is more valuable than gold. Such names are rare on today's market and extremely valuable because they deliver efficient results that are built to last. Redken is the embodiment of this principle and the symbol of efficacy when it comes to advertising formulas with proven effects on your hair and scalp. Try them and stick to them if you want to see good consequences and to benefit from the long-lasting effects of Redken.

Here's a list with some of the impressive products sold by this professional company. Remark the versatility of the offer from one product to another and the rich resourcefulness of the ingredients embedded in the formulas:

  • Color Extend After Sun Shampoo - If you're going to the beach, this is the perfect addition to your after-sun treatment. It will preserve the color of your hair and offer the protection your hair so much needs.
  • Aerate 08 Bodifying Cream Mousse - The touch of this product on your skin will feel so soft that you'll mistake this mousse for a cloud.
  • Align 12 Ultra-Straight Balm - Control the humidity of your hair with this fabulous balm and manage the balance of the right nutrients for your hair by using this product regularly.
  • All Soft Heavy Cream Treatment - A special attraction for those suffering from very dry hair, this product is perfect when used in combination with other complementary products from this brand.
  • Blown Away 09 Protective Blow Dry Gel - Get the hair style you want and feel comfortable with your new silky hair with this empowering gel from Redken.

Whichever the product advertised by Redken you may purchase, you'll notice the gleaming colors used for the background. This is actually precisely the element that gives visual identity and personality to this brand and, at the same time, precisely the detail you will never forget.

Redken products are affordable and easy to find both online and in local stores. However, if you want to benefit from special offers, look for a reliable online retailer and place your order there; this is the fastest and most beneficial possibility of all.