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Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren was born on October 1 in 1939. He is an American fashion designer and business executive, who has opened the multi million company that has high annual sales. Ralph Lauren was from New York. He started to design men's clothes in college for his classmates for and fellow students. He went to College to study business, but he dropped out the school. Than he went to Army. Than he was working for fashion store Brooks Brothers as a salesman. In 1967, he opened a necktie store where he also sold ties of his own design, under the label "Polo."

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Sporty and Trendy with Ralph Lauren Perfumes

In the very core of contemporary perfumes, fragrances featuring the relation between today's lifestyle and various sports gain more and more attention; inside the relation, featuring both the elegance of the former and the versatility of the latter, Ralph Lauren perfumes managed to find a place of their own. They are neither too expensive, nor too cheap, neither too dismissive, nor plain, neither too sophisticated, nor too dull. This game of keeping the right balance has defined the American fashion designer ever since his first collections and it still does in the way he creates and advertises his fragrances.

Some of the elements presented in this collection are completely new, whereas others are classic or feature classic solutions. When you make your choice or when you pick a set of a few Ralph Lauren perfumes, pay attention to this detail and you'll get precisely what you need. If not, you may risk facing a purchase you should have avoided. In fact, it is probably better if you went to a local store, test these fragrances and then purchase them online (because online is cheaper). However, here are a few items you should look into, as we consider them truly remarkable:

  • Ralph for women is definitely worth a try. Actually, this is one of the products that made Ralph Lauren renowned in this field. Featuring yellow freesia and magnolia, this is the perfect addition to a summer evening.
  • Chaps 1978 - creates a sense of wilderness and joy with a combination of leather, herbs, citrus, amber, and sage. Best suited for self-assertive men, this perfume has an identity of its own.
  • Safari EDT is the right decision if you're looking for something exotic, yet not too exotic. Irrespective of your style, this fragrance will add flexibility to your personality and will give you confidence and trust.

The design adapted by Ralph Lauren is not at all casual; in fact, most of the bottles and boxes in this collection look exquisite and incredibly beautiful and have the ability to create atmosphere wherever they are placed in your home.

These products come at the right price and you should take advantage of this reality. Spend a couple of minutes online, decide for a seller, and then place your order to receive your products in a matter of days.