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Queen Latifah

Queen Latifah is popular American singer, actress and fashion designer. In 2008 she launched the series of her signature perfumes for women. It was called “Queen of Hearts” and it was made with the collaboration of Parlux Fragrances company. Queen of Hearts is a sophisticated, chick and elegant fragrance of warm and sensual notes, that is perfect for fall season. It tells you that inner true beauty comes from the heart of a woman, from her power and strength.

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Queen Latifah and the Spectacular Fragrances of a Simple Brand

Every once in a while there comes a new brand on the market that redefines the very nature of the niche; such brands are dismissively beautiful and create a special air of particular elegance and style. This a case of the Queen Latifah fragrances, which have the power to alter in the most positive way your personality, your style, your wishes, and your desires. Spectacular duets of opaqueness and transparency, of deep aromas and fresh floral traces, of casual notes ad syntactically exquisite accents, these perfumes are destined to connoisseurs, to those who know how to appreciate the subtle touch of a perfect perfume.

In the area of contemporary fragrances, Queen Latifah products do make a difference: they create a sense of contemporary nobility (in the line opened by the name of the artist), shifting the interest from the traditional meaning of aristocracy to this more versatile notion. As such, you should see two values embedded in these items: one that marks the distinctive nature of these perfumes, and one that surrounds them with a specifically fresh and open air. From this very perspective, Queen by Queen Latifah reinstates simplicity through a very keen and deep mixture of tonka bean, cognac, jasmine noir, and coriander. Similarly, Queen of Hearts renders romanticism with warm notes, thus proving that this style has never been more present than it is now.

The sophisticated details used in the manufacturing process to add distinctiveness to this brand exude luxury. Expect a design very well balanced and, at the same time, full of surprises and special additions: the texture of the bottle, the gleaming nature of the cap, the color schemes used for boxes are all spectacular and beautiful.

To buy Queen Latifah products and to make sure you've done a good deal you need to place an online order and take advantage of offers and sales. More often than not, such offers do show up as special reductions or cut prices. After you place your order it shouldn't be more than a couple of days until you get the package delivered right at your front door.