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Puma company is a main German multinational brand, that manufactures top quality athletic shoes, lifestyle sportswear and footwear. The company was established in 1924. The founders of the company were two brothers Adolf and Rudolf Dassler. In 1948, one of the brothers decided to open independent brand Adidas. Puma is currently located in Herzogenaurach, Germany. The company also produces lines of sports shoes and sports clothing. In 1996 Puma company opened a couple of branches in the United States and started to expend its market on its territory. Now Puma owns 25% of American brand sports clothing market. Puma has also launched a series of fragrances and deodorant for men and women.

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Puma - German Perfumes for Everybody

This brand is dedicated to deliver the best perfumes on the market and to cover the demand by displaying just a few, very attractive items. From this perspective, Puma is the embodiment of versatility and the true symbol of resourcefulness and flexibility. Buy such products on a regular basis, because they are the best solution if you use perfumes daily and you need something to keep you going and to intermingle with your personality and style. With a history of more than 50 years behind, Puma is dedicated to create exceptional products only and it will always stick to this principle.

To prove that, you can read below a list with the best items in their collection. Pay attention to each detail in particular and, also, to the fact that the individuality and specificity of these perfumes is in direct correlation with the way they look and feel in your hand each time you get in contact with them:

  • Animagical is an eclectic fragrance destined to fulfill the wishes and dreams of urban women. Papaya, freesia, and water lily are set against a base created of Mexican chocolate and warm woods in order to render both simplicity and exotic elements, just like a tamed wild animal.
  • Aqua Man is based on the idea that men need an area of mystery for themselves and the misty nature of this perfume will certainly deliver that. Cyclamen, melon, and vetiver grass define the core of this smart and sensual eau de cologne with excellent effects on those who have tested it.
  • Puma Urban Motion is a purely masculine fragrance, displaying notes of white birch and thyme. The essence of this perfume is related to its powerful nature, which makes women interested and enemies surrender.

This very colorful brand doesn't display simple solutions when it comes to the design of the bottles and boxes. On the contrary, in most of the cases, it is the dismissive color palette the one that defines the syntax of the perfume, with hues ranging from light pink to matte black and from aqua blue to yellow.

Online purchases reduce the prices of these otherwise affordable products to a significant degree. Buy Puma perfumes online and you will have all the reasons to enjoy them in the seasons to come, given the offers you have today.