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Princesse Marina de Bourbon

Princesse Marina de Bourbon has founded her own perfume house in 1985. She was a wife of Prince André of Bourbon-Parma, who is a member of royal dynasty Bourbon of Parma, that ruled over France and the Kingdom of Naples. Her first fragrance for women was launched in 1994 and it was named “Rouge Royal Elite”. In total she has developed more than 23 perfumes in her own collection. The latest edition was introduced in 2011 and it was a women’s fragrance, named “Lys”.

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Grace and Style with Princesse Marina de Bourbon Perfumes

In the area of high-end Continental fragrances, Princesse Marina de Bourbon occupies a special place, as the perfumes advertised under this name meet a series of three essential criteria that are commonly so difficult to find under the same umbrella: grace, passion, and perfectibility. Each product in particular (and this applies to boxes, bottles, and fragrances altogether) has been carefully designed and improved to the point where it reached perfection. The validity of these terms is by no means exaggerated, as few items on the market today exude such a complex feeling of beauty and create such aesthetic reactions as these ones. This is why, if you've reached this page, you need to understand the value of these perfumes and buy them as soon as you can to make sure you experience, together with other connoisseurs in the world, the superb tones and accents rendered by the Princesse Marina de Bourbon perfumes.

Lys is spectacular and fabulous in itself: displaying and entire range of aromas, from iris to cardamom, from white musk to vanilla, it will reconfigure your sense and will bring you a sense of implicit joy and happiness. Marina de Bourbon on the other side will teach you the deepness of elegance in the most peculiar manner: with a bouquet composed of flowers, fruits, and oriental woods. Marina de Bourbon Reverance will help you better understand the game of passion by mixing jasmine, rose, plum, and musk in one single bouquet. Finally, Rouge Royal will teach your imagination how simple notes of strawberry, lemon, and jasmine can become noble and unmistakably dismissive.

Things get even better when we look at the design of Princesse Marina de Bourbon perfumes. Variations of one theme, these items display a spectacular dialogue between the horizontal vector of the bottle and the vertical lines of the cap. Complex and complicated at the same time, the color palettes are a beauty in disguise and prove that elegance has still a lot to show even if the design is not particularly minimalistic.

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