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Prince Matchabelli

Prince Matchabelli a company that is producing fragrances line. The founder of the company is professional chemist Prince Georges V. Matchabelli. Georges Matchabelli was a Georgian ambassador and Georgian prince in Italy, but ran away to the Soviet Union and immigrated to the United States after the Russian Revolution. Perfumes were personally created for VIP and loyal clients of Prince Matchabelli. The first three fragrances were named Queen of Georgia, Princess Norina and Ave Maria. The company became famous for the colored crown-shaped bottles designed by Norina. The Matchabelli designed the Crown perfume and introduced it in 1928.

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Prince Matchabelli - A Name with Resonance in the Perfume Industry

Products sold under this name will always display a sense of pragmatic intuition and an intricately beautiful elegance. The offer is not very wide, yet each item in particular will amaze you to a certain extent and will teach you that the essence of a quality fragrance stays in the spirit and in the nature of each ingredient in particular. Due to this peculiar philosophy, Prince Matchabelli products are particularly natural and match a wide variety of styles, hence the lack of relevance in creating more than a handful of aromas in the first place. If you like fabulous perfumes and you like to better define your personality by means of fragrances, Prince Matchabelli is definitely one of your best choices.

Here are two of the most powerful names advertised and sold by this company. Remark that the syntax is completely different from one variety to another, proving the incredible creativity of the producer and its restless imagination:

  • Wind Song is a passionate aroma that will awake the deepest feelings of joy and happiness. Regardless of your outfit, this perfume brings special flowery notes that, together with a warm and welcoming base, will reinvent your style and will bring an air of particular beauty. Wear it in the summer or in the late spring and you will be the main attraction at work or at private parties, whichever the situation may be.
  • Cachet is much more discreet in nature. Patchouli and orris add levels of unquestionable beauty to this fragrance, while the combination of jasmine, musk, and heliotrope creates an air of intelligent elegance that will amaze the others and give you confidence and trust.

Remark the not-at-all casual meaning of the design advertised by Prince Matchabelli products. Figural elements intermingle with classic, glossy details and create perfect items that can be displayed in any circumstance, however trendy and fussy it may be.

Buy these items online if you care for your safety and your pocket, as they come cheap and it the right packaging to ensure perfect shipping and fast delivery.