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Porsche Design

Porsche Design company was founded in 1972 by Alexander Porsche, who is the relative of the Porsche designer. The company has designed classic men’s accessories such as watches, sunglasses, and office utensils and many other products, that came to the worldwide market under the “Porsche Design” brand. The company has also launched the series of men’s colognes and perfumes. First fragrance was introduced in 2008 and it was named “Essence”. The fragrance contain base notes of juniper, balsam and pine.

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Porsche Design - Another Name of Elegance

Perfumes destined to men should be equally elegant and compelling as those targeting women. However, at an international level one can remark a difference between the way brands selling men fragrances care for design as opposed to their counterparts. It is not the case of Porsche Design however; they've managed to create such a spectacular combination of complex aromas and subtle design that one may very well say that they reinvented this niche to a certain extent. Nothing is figural here, yet each and every element presented by Porsche Design has a very clear reference that shouldn't be forgotten if you want to better understand the hidden nature of this brand.

The spectacular combination of ingredients used to create this compelling perfume should a model for the competition of this brand. Top notes are coriander, pepper and Siberian pine. Set against them, as secondary attractions with almost equal power in the bouquet, blueberry, juniper, and arctic mists complement the ensemble on a rather soft and intriguing base, made of fir balsam, incense, and patchouli. This continuous shift from exceptionally intense aromas and round and discreet traces is a game that Porsche design has learned very well. Indulge yourself in using this fabulous aroma and learn for yourself how you can change your personality and style by simply shifting to a new perfume. It this seems difficult to do, Porsche Design will teach you otherwise.

In the recent history of design of perfume bottles and boxes, few products can boast with similar innovative elements like Porsche Design. First, the color scheme renders a fabulous bouquet of black and turquoise. Then, the shapes of both the recipient and the box are extremely well finished, rendering the sensation that you're dealing with one of the most intriguingly minimalistic products on the market. Finally, the contrast between these two extremes is well tamed, suggesting that the notes inside the bottle intermingle perfectly.

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