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Police is manufacturer of fashion clothes and accessories and it is located in Italy. The company was opened in 1983. The company's major focus was on design of sunglasses. In 1997 Police introduced their first fragrance collection and their first watch collection was introduced in 2003. In 2008 the company launched its first apparel collection. Through the company's history, the Police trademark has been advertised and promoted by numerous celebrities, including Bruce Willis, Paulo Maldini, David Beckham, George Clooney and Antonio Banderas.

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Police, the True Embodiment of Stylish Fragrances

Some brands are truly remarkable when it comes to the combination of exceptional design and interesting fragrances and aromas; Police, this rather Continental brand from Italy is definitely one of a kind, as it manages to bring the specific nature of each perfume it advertises into the very core of the design. This dialogue between senses is the new trend of today and, without any exception, a thing that attracts both women and men. To better understand the meaning of this brand, one must definitely make a distinction between the classic notes of perfumes, rendering tones in a very clear and distinctive manner, and contemporary fragrances that are focused on intermingling sensations up to the edge of synesthesia.

Police Caribbean is a spectacular mixture of joy and hope, with a few very interesting additions that reconfigure the basic meaning of an exotic fragrance. Slightly overcompensating the colors we associate automatically with the Caribbean area (i.e. turquoise), this variety is intended to modify our perception and give us a sense of uncommon peace and rest. Remark the rose and the lily-of-the-valley that have such a soothing and calming effect, even if they are incisive enough as to wake you up to life. And pay special attention to the elaborate combination of deep notes and sweet and warm traces that represents the true identity of this brand. Irrespective of your style, you should be able to wear this perfume and make yourself noticed among others, so don't hesitate and try it for the next season.

In opposition with other similar brands that advertise ocean blue, green, and turquoise when it comes to the Caribbean area, Police Caribbean is focused on encompassing a completely different meaning, revolving around the idea of sunset. As such, subtle shades of red and yellow will bring you a different understanding of this specific type of exotic spaces.

Police is not easily available locally, so you should definitely consider online purchases if you want this brand. Buying online is simple and rewarding, as discounts are regular and offers are remarkable in every aspect.